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So far Half Assed Chaos Adventure has been a pretty big success, and I have been having a ton of fun doing it. So I guess that leads me into this next bit.

It was originally planned that this was just going to be a quick 1 day for each character sort of thing, and then boom, Tuesday the 21st it was going to be over.

...Now how could we end it tomorrow if there's still so much left to be done, discovered, killed, sodomized, and all the other things you all have thought of.

Therefore, as of this very moment, I am extending Half Assed Chaos Adventure indefinitely. It will end either when the story is over, or when every last one of you gets fed up and says, STOP THIS IS STUPID!!!

But the downside is that the updates will come slightly less often. It appears my laptop at home has decided it would wrather freeze at random times instead of working properly, this means whenever I try to draw something I lose it and have to reboot after 5 minutes. This means I really can't work on this from home, so that leaves me breaks and lunch time at work.

So that means that updates are likely going to be 2 updates a day, monday through friday. The down side is that it going to move along a bit slower then I had hoped, but the up side is it gives you all more chances to give suggestions!

So keep making suggestions everyone and lets see where this wild ride takes us!

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