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New Year For New Comics!

Allright looks like my little break from my overwhelming update schedule (:P) is coming to an end. I have one more business meeting at the beginning of next week and then I'm getting Half Assed Chaos back on track.

Sure I haven't had an actual joke pop into my mind for a good two or three months, BUT that doesn't mean we can't just fill the panels with worthless drivel that the masses eat up!!!

So here's a brief schedule I'm looking at.

Next week: One new comic, and if I can get the formatting done I will also be launching the Additional Art and Brewery sections of Half Assed Chaos.

Following Weeks: We will getting back on our twice a week updating schedule, most likely the Tuesday/Thursday update as that seemed to work well in the past. I may also do a thing called Saturation Saturday, which is pretty much Friday Filler...but on Saturday. If you want any of your art work or Guest Comics or whatnot posted up on Half Assed Chaos feel free to send them my way and I will post them in the order I receive them. Let's get Saturated baaaaaaabaaaaaay!

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