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Spring Hath Sprung

Allright so a few of you guys remember from this from last year, but unfortunately it seems to be hitting even early and harder this year. That's right...my job, dun dun duuun.

If any of you have worked in the floral garden business, any sector of it, for more then a day you would know that there is basically a three month period that all the money is made. Spring!

Welp since I was promoted in my job late last year that means I have even more responsibility, that means I have more work to do and less time a slack off and do this wonderful project.

Therefor starting now Half Assed Choas will likely only be updated with an official strip one time a week, pretty much whatever day I get an hour or so to draw. I would also like to get some quicky friday filler in there as well, so we may keep to two updates a week. As time goes on my hours will be getting longer and longer and there is a chance that I will miss a couple of weeks of updating, but I will do my best to keep bringing you the shit you have come to know and love that is Half Assed Chaos!

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