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Welp I am going to be doing some work on the overall design of the site.

Things may look a little strange for awhile, but I think once I do some tweaking it will look better then ever. If not, then right back to old one!

Ok I need to keep it as is for just a little bit. There are just a few more tweaks I want to make to it but I'm not sure how...
I have some questions running on some forums to try and find out, hopefully it won't take too long.

Did some work on the archive and whatnot.
Yes I have removed 5 strips from the overall archive. Most of them the very beggining strips. I feel that the comic has taken a different direction since I first created those strips, and they simply did not flow how I wanted them to. I will instead be placing them in a gallery I am working on.

The list of removed comics is
1. Bloody
2. Salad
3. Fast Food Beam
5. Fordable
10. PETA

I have also resubmitted each of the pictures in higher resolution. I am sure that most of you will barely notice, but it's a big difference to me and that's what really counts. :P

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