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Well I have no idea how but it seems I am getting a fair amount of page hits even though I am not updating as much. I guess there may actually be people out there who enjoy this strip...SOOOOOMEWHERE OOOOOVER THE RAINBOW, WAAAY UP HIIIIIIIIIGH!!! There's a reader I dream of, then I sneak up and unzip their flllly...I think I'll end the song there.

Ahem, back on track.

For fun I went back through my archives and decided to comment on each of the strips I posted...yes again. This time I left some fun facts and information on them, well some of them, so you guys can better get a feel for the strip and my process of creating this drivel.

What does that bring us to...hmmm...Oh Yes!


There have been quite a few high quality releases in these past few weeks and I have played through a few of them.

Uncharted 2: This game is simply stunning. It is action packed and full of likeable characters. The story is top notch and the gameplay is extremely fun! The multiplayer is fast paced and easy to learn but somewhat difficult to master. There is a wealth of unlockables and different difficulties to keep you playing for weeks. I would say this is a definite game of the year contender.

Brutal Legend: Though they change up the gameplay halfway through the game, it doesnÂ’t take away from the fact that this is an amazing game. Jack Black does a stellar job voicing Eddy Riggs and the overall cast is full of unique and well acted character. The story is extremely funny and entertaining will keep you playing through until the games end, which sadly comes much too soon. I think that this games multiplayer will be sticking around for awhile as well with its RTS elements fused with action gameplay. They come together and make a game that is simply fun, not to mention all the awesome Heavy Metal the game is packed with. Buy this game and throw up the horns, you are ready to rock!

Borderlands: Do you like Diablo style rpgs? Do you like blowing people to bits with a freaking ton of different weapons? If you answered these questions then BUY BORDERLANDS!!! This game is fun, though lacking in story it is freaking FUN!!! It is based around finding new and interesting loot that will continue to power up your character. Each character has skill trees so you can try many different types of gameplay, not to mention local and online co-op. If you ever wanted to play a game where you could be an invisible chick with a rocket launching pistol then this game is for you. The game is also very funny and has a wealth of movie and game references, keep your eyes open because they are not always too apparent. The art style is also very impressive, it feels like you are in a living comic book and it all comes together seamlessly for an exciting and immersive experience.

I highly suggest buying, if not at least renting, each and every of these titles.

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