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Slight Changes

Well there have been a few changes over the last few days.

For one I changed the main banner back to Half Assed Chaos instead of Half Assed Beta. The Beta is indeed still going, but I just wanted to have the old Banner back.

I took down the image preview on the main page, I figured it would spoil any future "shocking" images I may post. Beware now more then ever, you never know what sort of shit I'm going to post up.

Also if you haven't noticed we have our own domain now! That's right, welcome to HalfAssedChaos.com! We are still being hosted on SmackJeeves but I get to use my domain now, fun fun! As time goes on you can expect some more updates. I'm drawing out some completely new layouts at the moment, we will see where that goes.

Also Marvel Vs. Capcom II is now out for Xbox Live and will be out on PSN later this week. I will be playing much more on PSN then LIVE but if you want to challenge me add my PSN/Gamertag. Both are Link34521. I don't play with god tiers but I still may be able to give you small challenge.

Finally don't forget to check us out on twitter at...


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